Capitalism -->mascular book
section 3 is important
what about value relates to scial-form?
social labour, social experience,materialism -> what is the deep logic behind this deduction.
rooted in dimension
Marx never use social liberation.
one dimension- from one material, two dimension material.
exchange-value: so many announces
political economy
smithian(adam smith)->chicago boys
very different, very critical to economy.
early monument
another monument, basic magic
David Ricardo(David Ricardo (18 April 177211 September 1823) was a political economist, often credited with systematizing economics, and was one of the most influential of the classical economists, along with Thomas Malthus and Adam Smith. He was also a businessman, financier and speculator, and amassed a considerable fortune.) -> Marx from 

universial sense
whole phenomena<------smith
Marx's different shift
value-form not form-value
primary, Marx process presents full social theory.

section 1 is social theory
many proceed 2
capital marx widely in social theoy

tom Bottamore-> Marxist thought
"A history of economic thought" by Issac Ilyich Rubin---> Marx's relation to Hegel
"Essays on Marx's theoty of value"
another important element
simple(more difficult and abstract) and complex form
what we account in the life-> for Marx's focus.
Simple elements are abstraction
simple thing usually be thinking as concrete, but it is not for Marx.
no catergart(?) distinction
fancy means imagination (old English)
value from French (Latin)<-----abstract
Germany, English -> concrete, tangible
quantity and quality->human labour creates value
labour power->commodity aspect
exchange-value->equal himan labour
social liberal theory. social necessary.

Section 2
creation of value, concrete labour
concrete and abstract labour aspects.
two elements -> natural form and  value-form -p54
value phenomena has more tangible

Section 3:
all about form of value not exchange-value
linen is relative form, the coat is equivalent form, mutually dependant and exclusive.
money->universal equialent value
p67-Section3, little Section 4 Paragraph 3- quite important.
A close scrutiny of the expression of the value of A in terms of B, contained in the equation expressing the value-relation of A to B, has shown us
that, within that relation, the bodily form of A figures only as a use-value, the bodily form of B only as the form or aspects of value. The opposition
or constrast existing internally in each commodity between use-value and value, is, therefore, made evident externally by two commodities being
placed in such relation to each other, that the commodity whose value it is sought to express, figures directly as a mere use-value, while the commodity in which
that value is to be expressed, figuress directly as mere exchange-value. Hence the elementary form of value of a commodity is the elementary form in which
the contrast contained in that commodity, between use-value and value, becomes apparent.


use-value is important in social relation.
chapter 1 is high level distinction.
painting is difficult
to locate its use-value, so need to express it by others.
19th century, Picasso, Derrida~~~~