American Ruins
Strip malls and Blockbuster Video stores are unlikely to one day elicit the same nostalgia that the Hudson¡¦s department store did. "People whose memories are tied into all these (old) places are going to be devastated when all this goes."
Instead, she suggests Vergara¡¦s photography and ideas should be viewed as a meditation on civilization.
"People misinterpret ¡¥ruins¡¦ (as) meaning ¡¥ruined¡¦," Santos says, indicating the offense many people have taken to Vergara¡¦s assessment of Detroit. For her, ruins is a positive term which aptly conveys the strong symbolic meaning of Detroit¡¦s abandoned buildings.
"I think Detroit was a big dream like Paris was a big dream. It¡¦s just the old dream is being dynamited and there¡¦s no new dream to replace it. Who is going to dream about casinos and a ballpark?"
Concerned by the millions of refugees, migrants and dispossessed, Brazilian Sebastião Salgado photographed in 39 countries in 7 years. Why? "My hope is that, as individuals, as groups, as societies, we can pause and reflect on the human condition at the turn of the millennium. In its rawest form, individualism remains a prescription for catastrophe. We have to create a new regimen of coexistence.

Currently the world's largest engineering and construction site, the Three Gorges Dam project along the Yangtze River in Hubei province China, has displaced over 1.2 million people and destroyed 11 cities (in less than 6 months). The resulting 400 mile long reservoir will supply enough water to generate 84 billion kilowatts-per-hour of electricity. Burtynsky¡¦s recent large-scale colour photographs survey a critical period in the evolution of this rapidly changing landscape and its inhabitants.

13/Feb/ 08
change in transforming
American ruins(by Vergara)
soldiers, the past
critical, a historical monument
utopian- Marcus
working back claim now it is american memory. everyday life experience.
 Salgado in photography, he is the god
what is human mind. in humanism, humannity.
question is universal. human
danger, turning, debate
BurtynskyL larget-scale photographs
what is difference between neolibralism and capitalism
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WhatKeysianism relate to neo-liberalism
van Hayek
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startt off(beginning), globalism today.
Marx, so cold private accumulation
the idea of contemporary communism
the big problem-> photograph
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Bill Gates and empire
accumulation by de-valulation
Fordismm accumulation
Ribinson in space
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