5th March
arists take the social theory to the works, you can feel the difference between the artworks and social theory. It is not easy to put the theory.
What pinkmu in the movie, engaging in artist social.
transform, social elements.
technical capital
the public different artist represents difference of the social.
what artists do really for?
art school learn the skill and trick->Harvey talked about factory
a big artificial to transform.
transform information in more community art.
art education, culture fenaminar, social transmission.
culture difference is complex rabution.
still colour, moving film, local sound, artificial sound. his attribute battle of "~~~~"
photograph in Egypt, corporate gypt.
photo montage, Jogn Harvey(?)---> dada
new way to sinphe represent....
"this structure complex" is in art project
contemporary anthropology
film anthropology
artists think more practically.
montage in ɤ's work
Lucasu(?) criticizes montage
people enage in the debate. powerful content. the content may also work.... lots of image transmit...
social feminar
capital is ....
social reality
how to get the hard~~~~
big problem capitalism is challenging femelar(?) social reality in social level.
fascism commodity.
fashion. long and complex political issue.
non-national shape.
resistant to materiality.
search digression.